Terms and Conditions

1. Disclaimer & Ambit

**Legal Disclaimer** This document, consisting of terms and conditions, holds supreme confidentiality and legality, produced by the Click Taxis Ltd. for its users, passengers and any other relative readers. All the below discussed terms and conditions govern the contractual provisions of transportation facilities such as public and private hire, airport transfers, and daily pick & drop, offered by Click Taxis Ltd.

1. Body of Terms & Conditions

This document shall be treated legally as it entirely consists of statements, terms, and conditions that are of legal and vital in nature. It is produced and owned by the Click Taxis Ltd. (hereinafter, CTL or the company). Further amendments and modifications upon legal and general necessity are only authorized to CTL.

2. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Upon reading and reaching this section, users, passengers and readers hereby accept the terms, and conditions along with legal documents such as privacy policy to proceed further.

There are no country or demographic restrictions for accessing our website and using our offered services as long as they do not wish to produce harm to the company and its property. Matter of denial, discard or decline from users for accepting by raise suspicion for which CTL can respond legally.

3. Definitions

CTL uses certain words and terminologies that must not be taken into account regardless of singular or plural form other than below-mentioned means. It is absolutely for bringing concise terms with clarity in the context. The definition may also serve the purpose of education and awareness to those who lack relative familiarization.

4.1 Words mentioned as ‘we, us our, the company CTL’ describe Click Taxis Ltd.

4.2 Words mentioned as ‘client, customer, passenger, users, individuals, you, your, them their’ describe persons with intention to use services of CTL

4.3 Words mentioned as ‘products, services, deals, offers, facilities, packages’ describe the transportation facilities offered by CTL

4.4 Words mentioned as ‘Vehicle, taxi, car, fleet’ describe taxis used specifically by CTL to carry out providing taxi services

4.5 Words mentioned as ‘Pre-booking, online Booking, App booking, Phone or call booking’ describe methods of requesting taxi services from CTL

4.6 Words mentioned as ‘pricing, fares, costs, low-priced, cost-effective, cheap, low-cost, inexpensive’ describe the pricings and discounts of taxi services provided by CTL

4.7 Words mentioned as ‘driver, customer support, representative or employee’ describe the individuals working for CTL

4. Use of Terms & Conditions

4.1 Property of Click Taxis Ltd. includes but not limited to official website, products, services, entire content and material found online or offline are governed by DPA 1998, DMCA and British Law. Therefore, compliance with every rule, regulation, policy, term and condition is mandatory and obligatory for every user, passenger, and reader.

4.2 Individuals or third parties with intention of interest, marketing, promotion and utilization may request affiliation to CTL through legal medium

4.3 Users and passengers are also requested to value and oblige property of CTL to show support and respect. However, if anyone believes to find the company property in risk, danger, or harmful for matters, he/she must report the concerned department of CTL before legally proceeding directly to any court or jurisdiction

4.4 CTL uses various tools and software for customer support, pre-booking, demographic analytics

5. Booking Procedure

Click Taxis Ltd. follows two methods to carry and execute user bookings and pre-bookings. Online booking, in which encompasses mobile bookings as well, made through reaching the website and receiving quote accordingly and bookings on call by talking to our customer support representative. Furthermore, following are terms and conditions for booking:

5.1 Online booking must only be made by visiting the official website of the company [website]

5.2 Phone booking must only be made by calling our official customer support number [number]

5.3 In-app purchases and mobile pre-bookings must only be made by using official application of CTL at [link of application]

5.4 For any contextual, typographical errors in the bookings, payments, and reservations, individual may report at immediate to the customer support

5.5 CTL may cancel, dispute, hold any pre-booking or reservation of taxi service upon fair judgment and reason

5.6 There are additional charges if the user holds the driver waiting for a time limit of ten minutes (10).

6. Pricing & Payment Methods

6.1 Online booking system on the official website, will display list of destinations time, and prices depending upon what users or passengers enter

6.2 Remember CTL do not own to have extra charges or hidden costs of any sort

6.3 Pricing of taxi services by CTL are in accordance with VAT unless otherwise stated

6.4 Modification, alteration or change in journey can be requested by the users and passengers before or after vehicle dispatch

6.5 Additional charges may be applicable for change in journey after dispatch, but free before. Also, Additional charges will be applicable to passengers who unintentionally puts the driver on hold and waiting for 15-minutes

6.6 Passengers are given also privileges to ask for due payment after completion of journey or they can also use the due amount in the next journey which will be used for subtraction in the next journey's amount

7. Liability

Click Taxis Ltd. firmly believes to serve with only with the motto: Customer satisfaction. However, users and passengers may also provide the company with gratitude by following the terms and conditions. They are also liable to follow company’s R3 (Respond, Report, Responsible). For further enlightenment:

7.1 Click Taxis Ltd. will not be responsible for damage or loss of any nature to user and passenger’s business.

7.2 Click Taxis Ltd. will not be responsible for legal cases of lost or missing luggage as we have mentioned above that users and passengers are responsible for their belonging. We advise passengers to confirm their belongings before leaving the taxi.

7.3 Click Taxis Ltd. is liable to take severe legal action against passengers found in custody of drugs, alcohol or any other toxicant. No drunk or intoxicated passengers will be provided with services

8. Dispute/Refund/Cancellation

8.1 Users and passengers can request cancellation of bookings before the dispatch of our taxi.

8.2 Cancellation after vehicle dispatch will have additional charges based on travelled miles.

8.3 Cancellation is free of any fine or charges if it is made before maximum 24 hours and minimum 2-hours

8.4 Click Taxis Ltd. does not provide refunds of any sort after completion of journeys. Users are more than welcome to request resolution if treated by unfair means.

9. General

Click Taxis Ltd. is a registered Taxi company, holding absolute rights over its property mentioned as above. The company executes every of its task online and offline, under the supervision of British Law, DPA 1998 and DMCA.

This legal document can also be presented as a reference for cases in any court or jurisdiction if necessary.