Privacy Policy

1. Disclaimer & Legal Warning

Click Taxis Ltd. legally affiliated company under the name mentioned. The company holds rights to all its intellectual property including but not limited to its official website [website], content and every relative material found online and offline (company documents). The company holds right to reserve privacy of aforementioned aspects to ensure maximum safety and security to every user and passenger.

The company currently resides at [address]. This document shall serve as a legal policy document. Authorization of amendments shall only be given to the higher management of the company only. Purpose of the policy document is no more than future improvement in offered services.

2. Conditions of Use

For further clarity and understanding in the context, users and passengers are requested to understand the significance of the policy document, which, in-particular, focus the conditions to use content or material provided by the company for everyone. Both the users and the company are hereby instructed to follow statements accordingly as mentioned for benefiting the company with utmost compliance.

Click Taxis Ltd. holds the absolute privilege of its earlier-mentioned property. Therefore, redeveloping, reproduction, copy, rewriting, modification, plagiarism, change, alteration, or distribution of any sort will not be tolerated at any cost. The company is providing users and passengers with such information to enlighten them about company’s services, products and relative facilities. The company also holds rights to bring forth change or modification in the content at its ease and convenience.

The content of the website may be used only and only by the company for promotional, advertisement and marketing campaigns. Individuals or third parties wishing to go along the same line for such purpose must first contact the company before illegally using the company name, product or services. The company is governed by DMCA, for this, users and third parties need to be careful the way they treat the company property. We have neither affiliation to the government for political or religious matter nor to any private or hidden parties that could danger or harm religious, patriotic, civil, and governmental boundaries of the UK.

3. Use of Information

Click Taxis Ltd. may request its users and passengers for particular information, that in lateral times be used for their benefit. Information can of various types but we shall specify the types of it followed by rationality in the context about its importance to us. We try our level best to provide every passenger and user with great services, to which, this section plays a vital role. For further enlighten, following are the fundamental types of information:

  • Personal Information that may refer to as Full Name, Father/Guardian/Wife/Husband’s name
  • Contact Information may refer to as phone number, address [optional] and email address
  • Electronic Information may refer to as Computer Name, IP address, Location, Date and Time
  • Legal Information may refer to as Identity card (ID) and passport [Conditions Applied]
  • Personal information can be utilized by the company to carry out online registration of users or passenger with intention to use offered services or carried out on fill-out forms at the office
  • Users may also be requested to enter personal information at the time of registration for the first time visiting for bookings and reservations
  • Email address may be used for carrying marketing and promotional campaigns followed by notification to users of latest, news, updates, discount deals, and blog posts
  • Electronic information may be used for demographics of online traffic and passengers
  • Payment details are used for transaction or for payment purposes only.
  • Users hold rights to unsubscribe to a notification by emails at any time.

4. Purpose of Information

Click Taxis Ltd. exclusively caters customer orientation. Therefore, it is indeed of high significance to using the above-mentioned types of information in section-3 in great favour of the users, passengers, and the company. Intentions for not doing so are purely a part of violation, or third-party exposition. Every information will be used for modification and improvement in the company. Individuals are also requested to be attentive and careful while entering any of above-discussed information as falsification or incorrect may lead to legal or corporate problems.

This privacy policy document has legal rank amongst documents. Therefore, obliging its rules, regulations is mandatory for the company, users, and passengers of any nature. The company also highlights its responsibility to not to reveal, disclose, expose rent, sell, or transfer any user information to any third party unless and until contacted legally. Until this, this legal document holds the highest confidentiality. The purpose of using information may also refer to online, pre-booking, booking through a mobile app or call reservation information that is strictly between the passenger/user and the company.

5. Use of Cookies

Click Taxis Ltd. uses cookies application for demographic purposes only. Cookies are small files saved in the cache memory of the computer system. It is a built-in add-on of the browsers and website that allows them to track location, date, time, computer and browser name. Such demographics help improve company image and services.

We use Google Analytics for such purpose. It is the modified version of the cookies but with user application and control panel. We utilize such tools to monitor the overall traffic and statistical analytics to track our prosperity.

Users and Passengers are given absolute privileges to discard, deny or decline cookies from their browser at the time of ease. You can also disable this option from our website as we showcase it as a pop-up at the time you visit our website.

6. Safety & Security

Click Taxis Ltd. may wish to showcase its profound concerns towards the safety and security of the user information. We provide 100% guarantee from our end. However, there are few things that users must be careful about that is entering correct and accurate information of any type. Wrong information may not benefit any of us.

Also, in lieu of cyber invasion and malicious activities from attackers, we use software for ddos of a RAT invasion. We shall not be held responsible for any misuse of the user other than our website. Users and third parties are also requested to value the company property as we value our privileged users and passengers.

7. General

Click Taxis Ltd. holds absolute privileges and responsibility of its property including services, products, offers, deals, website content, and offline material on papers. These properties are subject to change and alteration to only be carried by the company upon necessity.

Users/ Passengers, and third parties, found in violation to any of our rules, regulations and privacy policies will be dealt legally through British Law, DMCA, and DPA 1998.